Quantum Coherent Properties of Spins III

University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida
December 20-22, 2010

UCF Department of Physics
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Schematic of a light-harvesting molecule.
An artist's view of decoherence in a quantum computer.

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Introductions: by Philip Stamp and Enrique del Barco.

Talks in alphabetical order:
Anton Andreev: Separation of molecules by chirality using circularly polarized light
Guillem Aromi: Preparation of weakly coupled spins within molecules as 2qubit quantum gates
Christopher Beedle: High symmetry single molecule magnets
Alexander Burin: Semiclassical model for localization and vibrational dynamics in polyatomic molecules
Irinel Chiorescu: Magnetic strong coupling in a spin-photon system
Bill Coish: Quantum dynamics of strongly coupled electron-nuclear spin systems
Enrique del Barco: Internal degrees of freedom and quantum tunneling of the magnetization in single-molecule magnets
Slava Dobrovitski: Quantum dynamics and quantum control of spins in diamond
Shruba Gangopadhyay: Hubbard-U is necessary on ligand atom for predicting magnetic parameters
Stephen Hill: EPR Studies of Heavy Atom Molecule-Based Magnets
Masahiro Ishigami: Impurity scattering in Graphene
Ania Jayich: Coupling a mechanical resonator to a spin qubit in diamond
Andrew Kent: Random-Field Ferromagnetism in Single Crystals of Molecular Magnet Mn12- acetate
Richard Klemm: Single-ion and exchange anisotropy effects in small single molecule magnets
Sebastian Loth: Quantum tunneling of magnetization in individual atoms
Fernando Luis: Spin-lattice relaxation of individual lanthanide ions via quantum tunneling
George Martins: Transport in Carbon Nanotubes: 2LSU(2) regime reveals subtle competition between Kondo and Intermediate Valence states
Eduardo Mucciolo: For how long is it possible to quantum compute?
Gerardo Ortiz: Dynamical critical scaling in quantum phase transitions
Maria Procopio: Optimal nuclear spin environment for a radical-pair based magnetic compass
Jeffrey Rinehart: f-Element-based single molecule magnetism - Escaping the double well
Ilia Solov'yov: Vision-Based Magnetoreception System in Birds
Boris Spivak: Magnetic-field dependence of chemical reactions
Philip Stamp: Dynamics of a quantum vortex
Susumu Takahashi: Spin decoherence at high magnetic fields

Excitation transfer in the bacterial photosynthetic unit.