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See also our three panel discussions and the main presentations.

On Wed. 11 May at 7.30 pm, Prof Gerard 't Hooft (Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences) gave a public lecture on the way in which we have arrived at our present picture of the ultimate building blocks of the universe (for details see announcement). Prof 't Hooft, who was awarded the Nobel prize in 1999, is one of the main architects of the modern view. One of his main hobbies is giving public lectures on physics, in which he gets a chance to exercise his artistic inclinations with power point (for more examples see his webpage).

On Friday 13 May at 7.30 pm, Prof Paul Davies (Sydney) gave a public lecture on the origin of life, and whether it may have existed on Mars (for details see announcement). As well as being a cosmologist, Prof Davies is also a very well-known author, whose books on various topics in science have sold tens of millions of copies around the world, in many languages. He has also written on the connections between science and religion- for more details see his webpage.

On Sunday 15 May at 7:30 pm, Prof Moses Chan (Penn State) gave a lecture on the strange properties of superfluids, and included up to date info on "Supersolids", the extraordinary physical system discovered by his group last year (for details see poster at right). Chan is a very well-known experimental physicist, who often gives public lectures on topics in science.

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