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Archived Presentations

G Aeppli   Quantum Phase Transitions, video, slides
IK Affleck   Boundary Conformal Field Theory and Non-Fermi Liquid Nanodevices, video, slides
PW Anderson   Emergence and the Theory of Everything, video, slides
J Cardy   Fractal Geometry of Critical Phenomena, video, slides
RW Clark   Science and Technology Emerging from Quantum Computer Research, video, slides
T Eguchi   Boundary States and Modular Bootstrap in CFT, video, slides
D Friedan   Entropy Flow in Near-Critical Quantum Circuits, video, slides
D Goldhaber-Gordon   Electrons in Semiconductor Nanostructures
FDM Haldane   Berry's Phase and the Quantum Geometry of the Fermi Surface, video, slides
Y Imry   Quantum Noise: New Aspects of the Casimir Effect, video, slides
S John   Photonic Band Gap Materials: Engineering Light, video, slides
G Kotliar   The Mott Transition, video, slides
AH MacDonald   Bose-Einstein Condensation of Excitions in Quantum Hall Systems, video, slides
H Manoharan   Manipulation of Matter at the Spatial Limit, video, slides
G Milburn   Relational Time and Intrinsic Decoherence, video, slides
KA Moler   Motion of a Single Quantum Vortex, video, slides
RW Myers   Cosmic Superstrings, video, slides
N Nagaosa   Berry Phases in Optics and Solids, video, slides
H Ooguri   Baby Universes in Quantum Gravity, video, slides
DD Osheroff   Stabilizing a New Phase of Superfluid He-3, video, slides
F Raab   The Status of Gravitational Wave Detection, video, slides
L Randall   Relaxing to 3 Dimensions, video, slides
M Rho   New States of Strongly-Interacting Astrophysical Matter, video, slides
J Schwarz   String Theory: Past, Present and Future, video, slides
S Shenker   Emergent Quantum Gravity, video, slides
BL Spivak   Intermediate Phases of the 2-Dimensional Electron Fluid, video, slides
L Susskind   The Cosmic Landscape: String Theory and the Illusion of Intelligent Design, video, slides
G 't Hooft   Holographic Mapping of the Standard Model onto a Black Hole Horizon, video, slides
AM Tremblay   Theory with no Small Parameter: The Hubbard Model, video, slides
WG Unruh   Black Holes/Dumb Holes: Condensed Matter Analogues, video, slides
R Wald   Quantum Fields in Curved Spacetime, video, slides
M White   A Cosmology Overview, video, slides
PB Wiegmann   Dispersive Hydrodynamics of Degenerate Quantum Systems, video, slides
SC Zhang   Intrinsic and Quantized Spin Hall Effects, video, slides

  Pacific Institute for Theoretical Physics
University of British Columbia
Hennings Building, 6224 Agricultural Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1, Canada