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The Group of Five Conferences

The Pacific Institute of Theoretical Physics (PITP) is sponsoring a set of five conferences in May, 2005 to celebrate the wide variety of activities that it currently supports, and to highlight some of the exciting new ideas and frontiers in theoretical physics and related areas. These areas include string and particle theory, astrophysics and cosmology, quantum condensed matter, biophysics, quantum chemistry, and complex systems.

There will be one main conference (the PITP Showcase conference) plus four other satellite conferences and workshops. The best way to find out about these is by going to our Showcase conference calendar. The main Showcase conference runs from May 11-16 in Vancouver, at UBC, followed immediately by two other conferences at UBC -- one on Emergence, from May 15-18, and the other on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysic, from May 19-21. At the same time two workshops, jointly sponsored by PITP and other organisations, will be running in Banff -- the Dark Side of Extra Dimensions workshop (May 12-14) and the Black Holes V conference (May 14-18).

At the main Vancouver Showcase conference, there will be several evening public lectures, plus panel discussions of important current topics -- these will be open to anyone in or visiting the Vancouver area. There will also be a large number of scientific talks from the best known scientists in the world working in the highlighted areas (some of these will also be accessible to the general public). PITP is an international institute, with the members of its four research networks coming from many countries around the world. Part of the main showcase conference will highlight some of the recent activities of our network members.

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