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Invited Speakers

Note that the following list is not complete.
G Aeppli (London)
IK Affleck (Vancouver)
PW Anderson (Princeton)
B Barbara (Grenoble)
P Brumer (Toronto)
J Cardy (Oxford)
M Chan (Penn State)
G Christou (Gainesville)
R Clark (New South Wales)
PCW Davies (Sydney)
T Eguchi (Tokyo)
D Friedan (Rutgers)
D Goldhaber-Gordon (Stanford)
B Greene (Columbia, NY)
FDM Haldane (Princeton)
G 't Hooft (Utrecht)
Y Imry (Weizmann)
S John (Toronto)
N Kaiser (IFA, Hawaii)
W Kohn (Santa Barbara)
G Kotliar (Rutgers)
U Landman (Georgia)
RB Laughlin* (Stanford and Korea)
A MacDonald (Austin, TX)
H Manoharan (Stanford)
J Mattick (Queensland)
G Milburn (Queensland)
KA Moler (Stanford)
R Myers (Perimeter, Waterloo)
N Nagaosa (Tokyo)
H Ooguri (Caltech)
DD Osheroff (Stanford)
T Piran (Jerusalem)
AM Polyakov (Princeton)
F Raab (Caltech)
L Randall (Harvard)
M Rho (Saclay)
GA Sawatzky (Vancouver)
J Schwarz (Caltech)
S Shenker (Stanford)
BL Spivak (Seattle)
L Susskind (Stanford)
AM Tremblay (Sherbrooke)
WG Unruh (UBC)
RM Wald (Chicago)
M White (Berkeley)
P Wiegmann (Chicago)
SC Zhang (Stanford)
* To be confirmed
Pacific Institute for Theoretical Physics
University of British Columbia
Hennings Building, 6224 Agricultural Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1, Canada