Spins, Charges, Lattices, and Topology in Low D
Jan 2004
Friday, January 30 | Saturday, January 31 | Sunday, February 1

Friday, January 30

Freedman, Exotic States of Matter: Quantum Computation

Saturday, January 31

Sawatzky, Possible pathways to new classes of ferromagnetic and half-metallic ferromagnetic materials
Auerbach, Pyrochlore and Kagome Spin Liquids
Shtengel, An extended Hubbard model with ring exchange: a possible route to a non-Abelian topological phase
Naka, Boundary State Description of Non-BPS systems
Wiegmann, Stochastic Conformal Maps - a new approach to a critical phenomena in 2D. Schramm-Loewner evolution (SLE)
Witt, Symmetry Breaking for Quantum Shapes
Affleck, Junctions of 3 Luttinger liquids and the Dissipative Hofstadter Model

Stamp, Decoherence rates in spin nets and related lattice models
Imry, Phase measurements and boson-induced orbital magnetization in A-B interferometers
Freedman, Exactly soluble points in the extended Hubbard model as universal quantum computers

Sunday, February 1

Franz, Quasiparticle interference in the cuprate superconductors
Herbut, Spin and charge response in underdoped cuprates
Tabunshchyk, Electron states and phase transitions in the local anharmonic model of high-Tc superconductors
Kim, Competing Orders and Superconductivity in Frustrated Magnets
Zagoskin, Evidence for entangled states formation in a system of two coupled flux qubits
Amin, Operating in Charge-Phase Regime, Ideal for Superconducting Qubits
Kee, Formation of Electronic Nematic Phase in Interacting Systems
Zhou, Correlated Ultra Cold Atoms in Lattices
Berciu, First-Principles Study of Integer Quantum Hall Transitions in Mesoscopic Samples
Spivak, Propagation of stationary nonlinear waves in disordered media, or Phase separation in strongly correlated 2d electron liquid (not given)
Zhang, Dissipationless quantum spin current and the associated non-abelian gauge structure