100 Years after its Birth

Seven Pines Symposium XIX

May 13-17, 2015
The Outing Lodge at Pine Point, Stillwater, Minnesota

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Thursday, May 14

  • Jean Eisenstaedt (CNRS, Paris) "General Relativity Before the Renewal", slides, video, audio
  • Ted Newman (Pittsburgh) Comments on Penrose's "Conformal Cyclic Cosmology" (CCC) or "How to go thru the Big Bang Happily" slides, video, audio
  • Robert Wald (Chicago) "The Developement of the Theory of Black Holes", slides, video1, video2 , audio
  • Jean Eisenstaedt (CNRS, Paris) "History of Black Holes", slides,video1, video2, audio

Friday, May 15

  • George Ellis (Cape Town) "Cosmology and general relativity: the evolution of the universe and the testability of models" , slides, video, audio
  • Gary Hinshaw (U British Columbia) "Observational Cosmology & Fundamental Physics", slides, video, audio
  • Clifford Will (Florida) "Was Einstein Right? A Centennial Assessment", slides, media files, video1, video2, audio
  • Clifford Will (Florida) "Gravitational Waves", (slides included in the above talk) video1,video2, video3,audio

Saturday, May 16

  • Mihalis Dafermos (Princeton) "The interior of dynamical black holes and the strong cosmic censorship conjecture", slides, video ,audio
  • Luis Lehner (Perimeter Institute) "Unraveling General Relativity in Strongly Gravitating Regimes Through Simulations", slides, video , audio
  • Abhay Ashketar (Penn State) "Future of General Relativity", slides, video, audio
  • Steven Carlip (UC Davis) "The future of quantum gravity" , slides, video, audio