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Noosa Blue Resort, January 22-26, 2006
The talk slides are now online. View them by following links from the talk titles in the schedule below.

DATE: Sunday, January 22, 2006
5.30-7.00pm Reception  

DATE: Monday, January 23, 2006
8.15-8.30am Welcome  
8.30-9.00 Philip Stamp (UBC) Quantum nanoscience and the physics of decoherence
9.00-9.30 Michelle Simmons (UNSW) The realization of atomically precise devices in silicon
9.30-10.00 Shoucheng Zhang (Stanford) The spin Hall effect
10.00-10.30 Coffee  
10.30-11.00 Ulrich Zuelicke (Massey) Spin interferometry and entanglement generation with Rashba spin splitting
11.00-11.30 Andrea Morello (UBC) Dynamics of the nuclear spin bath in molecular nanomagnets: a test for decoherence
11.30-12.00 Paolo Tombesi (Camerino) Scheme For Entangling Micromeccanical Resonators By Entanglement Swapping
12.00-2.00pm Lunch  
2.00-2.30 Michael Roukes (Caltech) Toward number state detection with nanoelectromechanical systems
2.30-3.00 Miles Blencowe (Dartmouth) Quantum Electromechanical Systems: Selected Topics in Quantum Backaction and Damping
3.00-3.30 Keith Schwab (LPS, Maryland) Cooper-Pair Molasses: Coolling a nanomechanical resonator with quantum backaction
3.30-4.00 Coffee  
4.00-4.30 Guifre Vidal (UQ) Entanglement renormalization
4.30-5.00 Fei Zhou (UBC) Interacting Cold Atomic Matter
5.00-8.00 Swimming and dinner  
8.00-10.00 Posters  

DATE: Tuesday, January 24, 2006
8.30-9.00 Yasunobu Nakamura (NEC) Coherence and decoherence in Josephson junction qubits
9.00-9.30 Gerd Schoen (Karlsruhe) On decoherence in solid state qubits
9.30-10.00 Alexandre Blais (Sherbrooke) Circuit QED with superconducting charge qubits
10.00-10.30 Coffee  
10.30-11.00 John Martinis (UCSB) High-Fidelity Measurements of Josephson Phase Qubits
11.00-11.30 Hideaki Takayanagi (NTT) Readout of Flux Qubits
11.30-12.00 Hari Manoharan (Stanford) Assembling Atoms, Spins, and Superpositions
12.00-2.00pm Lunch  
2.00-2.20 Andrew Ferguson (UNSW) Microwave spectroscopy of the radio-frequency single Cooper pair transistor
2.20-2.40 John Fjaerestad (UQ) Anomalous Excitation Spectra of Frustrated Quantum Antiferromagnets
2.40-3.00 Lloyd Hollenberg (Melbourne) Qubit Transport in Solid State Architectures
3.00-3.20 Jason Twamley (Macquarie) Perfect single qubit transmission, multi-qubit mirroring and universal computation in spin chains using homogenous control
3.20-3.50 Coffee  
3.50-4.10 Karl Muller (CSIRO) Quantum transport in organic molecules
4.10-4.30 Faye Hudson (UNSW) Electrical transport and detection of charge states in nanoscale phosphorus-insilicon islands
4.30-4.50 Joel Gilmore (UQ) Minimal models for Quantum Mechanics in Biology
4.50-5.10 David Tillbrook (CSIRO) Progress towards the measurement of small-spin system using a nano-SQUID

DATE: Wednesday, January 25, 2006
8.00-8.30am George Sawatzky (UBC) New Quantum Materials via Interface Engineering
8.30-9.00 Masahiro Yamashita (Tohoku, CREST) Nano-sciences of Advanced Metal Complexes: Single-Chain Quantum Magnets and Gigantic Optical Nonlinearity of Nano-Wire Metal Complexes
9.00-9.30 George Christou (Florida) Single-molecule magnets and their supramolecular aggregates: A molecular approach to nanomagnetism
9.30-10.00 Paul Meredith (UQ) Emergent Macroscopic Properties from Molecular Disorder in Functional Bio macromolecules
10.00-10.30 Coffee  
10.30-11.00 Andrew Briggs (Oxford) Nanotube quantum logic gate
11.00-11.30 Ross McKenzie (UQ) Solid state realisation of Werner quantum states via two Kondo spins
11.30-12.00 Adam Micolich (UNSW) Superconductivity in Metal-mixed Ion-implanted Polymer Films
12.00-2.00pm Lunch  
2.00-2.30 Yoseph Imry (Weizmann) Quantum fluctuations and the Casimir effect
2.30-3.00 John Dobson (Griffith) Long-ranged electronic correlations in nanostructures
3.00-3.30 Hsi-Sheng Goan (National Taiwan University) Single spin detection and quantum state readout by magnetic resonance force microscopy
3.30-4.00 Coffee  
4.00-4.30 Alex Hamilton (UNSW) New results on spin-splitting in p-GaAs nanostructures
4.30-5.30 Panel Discussion  
7.00- Conference dinner  

DATE: Thursday, January 26, 2006
8.00-8.30am Stephen Prawer (Melbourne) Diamond Based Quantum Information Processing
8.30-9.00 Tim Spiller (HP Bristol) Quantum computation using a communication bus
9.00-9.30 Peter Zoller (Innsbruck) Quantum information processing with polar molecules
9.30-10.00 Michael Nielsen (UQ) Optical quantum computation using cluster states
10.00-10.30 Coffee  
10.30-11.00 Boris Spivak (Washington) Temperature dependence of electronic transport properties of mesoscopic conductors
11.00-11.30 Gabriel Aeppli (UCLondon)  
11.30-12.00 Bob Clark (UNSW) Single Atom Nanoelectronics For Silicon-Based Qubits
12.00-2.00pm Close  

Note there are a few related conferences that attendees may wish to stay on for: