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Noosa Blue Resort, January 22-26, 2006
The 7.30 Report by ABC

The 7.30 Report broadcast by ABC (Australian Boadcasting Company) featured a short report on nanoscience. You can watch this feature or watch the whole report.


The talk slides can be viewed by following links from the talk titles in the schedule section.

Panel discussion

You can now download the panel discussion on quantum nanoscience.

Interviews  with some of the speakers

You can read a transcribed version of all the interviews or click on the following links to watch one.

Christou, G (Gainesville)
Imry, Y (Weizmann, Rehovot)
Manoharan, H (Stanford)
Milburn, G (University of Queensland)
Morello, A (UBC)
Sawatzky, G (UBC/PITP)
Simmons, M (UNSW, Sydney)
Spivak, BL (UW, Seattle)
Vidal, V (University of Queensland)
Zhou, F (UBC)

Audiotaped talks

Some of the talks have been recorded and are available here. The opening remarks are also available.

Aeppli, G (UCLondon)
Blais, A (Yale)
Christou, G (Gainesville)
Clark, R (UNSW, Sydney)
Imry, Y (Weizmann, Rehovot)
Manoharan, H (Stanford)
Martinis, J (UCSB)
Meredith, P (UQueensland)
Morello, A (UBC, Vancouver)
Nielsen, M (UQueensland)
Simmons, M (UNSW, Sydney)
Spivak, BL (UW, Seattle)
Stamp, PCE (UBC/PITP, Vancouver)
Takayanagi, H (NTT, Japan)
Zhou, F (UBC, Vancouver)
Zoller, P (Innsbruck)


Watch a few pictures taken during the conference.