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For the general public:

Noosa Blue Resort, January 22-26, 2006

Invited speakers at the conference include:
Aeppli, G (UCLondon)
Blencowe, M (Dartmouth)
Briggs, A (Oxford)
Blais, A (Yale)
Christou, G (Gainesville)
Clark, R (UNSW, Sydney)
Goan, H-S (National Taiwan U) 
Hamilton, A (UNSW, Sydney)
Imry, Y (Weizmann, Rehovot)
Manoharan, H (Stanford)
Martinis, J (UCSB)
McKenzie, R (UQueensland)
Meredith, P (UQueensland)
Micolich, A (UNSW, Sydney)
Milburn, G (UQueensland)
Morello, A (UBC, Vancouver)
Nakamura, Y (NEC, Tokyo)
Nielsen, M (UQueensland)
Prawer (Melbourne)
Roukes, M (Caltech, LA)
Sawatzky, G (UBC/PITP)
Schwab, K (Maryland)
Simmons, M (UNSW, Sydney)
Spiller (HP Bristol)
Spivak, BL (UW, Seattle)
Stamp, PCE (UBC/PITP, Vancouver) 
Takayanagi, H (NTT, Japan)
Tombesi, P (U Camerino, Italy)
Vidal, V (UQueensland)
Yamashita, M (Tohoku)
Zhang, SC (Stanford)
Zhou, F (UBC, Vancouver)
Zoller, P (Innsbruck)
Zuelicke, U (Massey, NZ)
Conference organizers: GA Milburn (Univ of Queensland)
PCE Stamp (PITP and Univ of British Columbia)