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Noosa Blue Resort, January 22-26, 2006
The interviews, audiotaped talks and pictures of the conference are now available as well as the 7.30 Report broadcast by ABC.

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology receive much attention in the media today. However almost all current work concentrates on very small scale classical devices. This conference looks ahead to the far more revolutionary developments expected once nanoscience 'goes quantum', and begins to use the fullpotential of quantum mechanical superposition, phase coherence, and entanglement. The conference is organised jointly by the Australian Academy of Sciences and the Canadian-based Pacific Institute for Theoretical Physics.

The conference will take place at the famous 'Noosa Blue' resort, 100 km north of Brisbane, from Jan 22-26, 2006. The themes to be addressed include:

  • spintronics, spin qubits, low-dimensional spin systems
  • superconducting devices, qubits, and circuit QED
  • molecular electronics
  • quantum dot-based devices
  • nanoscopic quantum probes (STM, etc).
  • quantum electromechanical systems, and transducers
  • new quantum materials for quantum devices
  • new chemistry in quantum nanoscience
  • quantum control, quantum information processing
  • quantum effects in biological systems
  • large-scale quantum phenomena
  • phase and entanglement phenomena at the the nanoscale
  • decoherence mechanisms

There will also be a panel discussion which will embrace both the scientific questions, and larger issues of public policy.