International Summer School on
   Numerical Methods for Correlated Systems in Condensed Matter
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André-Marie Tremblay
Massimo Boninsegni
Michel Côté
David Sénéchal
Matthias Troyer


May 26 to June 6, 2008 (Register by February 15, 2008)
Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada
Boninsegni, Massimo
Alberta Worm algorithm for the many-body problem
Côté, Michel    Montréal
Local Density Approximation + U
Ernzerhof, Matthias Montréal
Functionals in Density functional theory
Gonze, Xavier   
Louvain-la-Neuve Abinit code, Quasiparticles, GW in Density Functional theory
Jarrell, Mark Cincinnati Hirsch-Fye algorithm, Dynamical Cluster approximation
Kotliar, Gabi
Rutgers Dynamical Mean-Field Theory in Density Functional Methods
Schöllwock, Uli       
Aachen Numerical Renormalization Group, Dynamics in Density Matrix Renormalization Group
Sénéchal, David  
Sherbrooke Quantum cluster methods: Variational Cluster Approximation, Cellular Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
Tremblay, André-Marie Sherbrooke Introduction to many-body methods
Troyer, Matthias
ETH Introduction to Quantum Monte Carlo methods, Stochastic series expansion, ALPS codes
Werner, Philipp Columbia Continuous Time Quantum Monte Carlo Methods, applications to correlated electrons. Weak and strong coupling expansions.
White, Steve UC Irvine
Density Matrix Renormalization Group

Guest lecturers for special topics

Mona Bericu
UBC The Holstein polaron: results from numerical and analytical approaches.
Hong Guo
McGill DFT-Keldysh approach to Molecular Electronics.