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CIFAR Nanoelectronics Summer School 2007
June 27-29, 2007, University of British Columbia

Some of the lectures can now be downloaded:

  • Ian Affleck, University of British Columbia
    Title: The Kondo effect in quantum dots and in atoms on surfaces
  • Supriyo Datta, Purdue University
    Title: Nanodevices and Maxwell's Demon
    Download: A similar set of lectures can be found at http://www.nanohub.org/courses/cqt
  • Joshua Folk, University of British Columbia
    Title: Measurement of single spins in solid state systems
  • Hong Guo, University McGill
    Title: Computational Nano-Electronics
    Download: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

You can download a few pictures from the banquet at Cloud 9 here. More are coming.