a PITP workshop

May 15-18, 2005
Vancouver, BC

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Organising/advisory committee:
PW Anderson
J Beatty
D Howard
S Savitt
GA Sawatzky
PCE Stamp
R Wald

May 16, morning; May 16, afternoon; May 17, morning; May 17, afternoon; May 18

G Aeppli  Coherence and the Anti-Glass, video, slides
PW Anderson  Emergence and the Theory of Everything, video, slides
Supersolids, video
B Barbara  Experiments on the Spin Bath in Spin Tunneling Systems, video, slides
MY Choi  Dynamics of Complex Systems, video, slides
A Crofts  Semantic Transmission and the Emergent Mind, video, slides
PCW Davies  Emergent Biological Principles and Computational Capacity, video
W Eckhardt  Shared Misconceptions in Emergentism and Reductionism, video, slides
I Ekeland  Emergence and the Economy, video, slides
R Goldstein  Motility, Mixing and Multi-Cellularity, video, slides
FDM Haldane  Berry's Phase and the Quantum Geometry of the Fermi Surface, video, slides
GA Sawatzky  The Enduring Mystery of Spectral Weight Transfer, video, slides
PCE Stamp  Mechanisms of Decoherence and Disentanglement, video, slides
L Susskind  The Cosmic Landscape: String Theory and the Illusion of Intelligent Design, video, slides
J Tollaksen  Quantum Mechanics and Emergence, video, slides
V Yakovenko  The Statistical Mechanics of Money, video, slides