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Summer School on Strings, Gravity and Cosmology

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
August 7-18, 2006


Out-of-town participants will be provided accommodation from August 6-19, 2006 at the Place Vanier Residence (click here for a map) on the UBC Campus.

NOTE: We only cover accommodations from August 6-19 inclusive.

Place Vanier Residence is a shared washroom facility. A common washroom is located on each floor (male washrooms on odd numbered floors, female washrooms on even numbered floors). Washroom facilities are shared with up to 25 other guests. Kitchen facilities are not available but lounges equipped with a fridge, microwave and sink are located in each building.

Download Place Vanier Information Sheet

Contact information
Phone: (604) 822-3304
Fax: (604) 822-2833