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Pre-2009 Networks

The PITP Research Networks from 2003-2008 covered all areas of Theoretical Physics. Their activities and membership are described below.

The New PITP research networks (from 2009 onwards) concentrate on the general area of Complex Systems, including condensed matter physics, as well as complex materials (including polymer physics and biophysics), quantum optics, and topics in theoretical quantum chemistry. These networks are in the process of formation at the current time.

A list of all pre-2009 PITP researchers is available by location.

Quantum Condensed Matter
Study of collective quantum phenomena in strongly-correlated systems at low temperatures from atomic to mesoscopic scales.
Strings and Particles
Questioning the very structure and origin of the universe, the nature of the constituents of all matter and their interactions.
Complex Systems
Unifying physics, chemistry, and biology with ideas from of the study of complex physical and biological systems, often far from equilibrium, and the dynamics of complex networks
Gravity, Cosmology &
Theoretical Astrophysics

From the study of the early universe to work in quantum gravity leading to questions about the foundations of quantum mechanics, and quantum information


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