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   an EVENING with BILL & BOB

Bill Unruh
University of British Columbia

Bob Wald
Kavli Institute and Enrico Fermi Institute
Univerisity of Chicago

22nd October, 7.30-9.30 pm, Buchanan Building Block A
1866 Main Mall, University of British Columbia

In 1915, Einstein completed the 'General Theory of Relativity', our theory of Spacetime, Gravity, matter and energy in the universe. This theory has acquired almost mythical status - Paul Dirac called it "probably the greatest scientific discovery ever made"; and the celebrated cartoonist Herbert Block published the famous image shown in below, the day Einstein died in 1955.

To celebrate the centenary of General Relativity, we will be hosting some unusual events. To kick off we will have a public "Question & Answer" discussion, wherein the audience, aged from 9 yrs to 90 yrs, is encouraged to come with whatever questions they have always wanted to ask about space, the cosmos, black holes, astronomy, and of course about Einstein; or indeed anything else!. Bill Unruh and Bob Wald will be fielding your questions - they will each give a short introduction to start off, saying a little bit about Einstein, curved space, black holes, and related topics. Bill will be bringing his famous giant beachball (to model the universe!).

For more details on Einstein and on the speakers, please check Speakers and Materials.

Additional resources for this talk : slides and video.