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The PITP visitor centre is located on the UBC campus, and is intended for the use of visitors to PITP from outside UBC, doing research (usually as part of some collaborative research effort). At the present time the visitor centre is located in the Hennings building, and has office space for 10 visitors, plus a discussion room and offices for the administrators and system manager. Visitors have access to all UBC services, including the main library facilities, as well as the PITP computing facilities.

At the present time we have severe constraints on available space in the visitor centre, particularly in the summer. For this reason it is essential that potential visitors contact us as early as possible. The normal way to do this is by submitting a visitor application (see PITP Support for instructions on how to submit this form).

All enquiries about the visitor centre can be sent to:
. Please do NOT send applications to this email address ?all applications can be submitted by using the web-based forms provided. You should normally be informed that your application has been received - if you do not receive this confirmation, do by all means send an email enquiry to this email address.

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