Quantum Coherent Properties of Spins II

Pacific Institute of Theoretical Physics
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Dec 4-6, 2009

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An artist's view of decoherence in a quantum computer.
The dimerized Mn-12 molecule.

This workshop focusses on interesting current problems associated with the collective properties of assemblies of spins, particularly those associated with coherence and multi-spin entanglement. Some of these include

(i) Decoherence, Error Correction, and related problems in interacting spin realisations of quantum information processing systems. These include interacting dipolar 'spin nets' (and the related topic of 'quantum spin glasses'), arrays of magnetic molecules, linear and ring-like arrays of spins, quantum dot networks, and quantum walk and other representations; and the decoherence processes therein.

(ii) The underlying microscopic physics of some of these spin systems, focussing particularly on the theory of transition metal compounds. This will include new ideas about 2-d interfaces, as well as questions about electronic structure and magnetic ordering in bulk materials, and in magnetic molecules.

(iii) Experiments on relevant systems, notably on magnetic molecule arrays, on spins and spin arrays on surfaces, on interfaces between magnetic materials, on quantum spin glasses, and on quantum dots.

(iv) Numerical work on aspects of this physics, notably Quantum Monte Carlo work on polarons, on lattice dipoles, and on quantum information processing systems, exact diagonalization work on magnetic molecules, and electronic structure calculations for transition metal compounds.

(v) Review of some of the interesting chemistry of these systems, particularly magnetic molecules and some of the newer transition metal compounds.

The WORM diagrammatic QMC algorithm for a polaron.