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Wednesday, 22 May, 2013

18h00             DINNER
20h30             RECEPTION

Thursday, 23 May, 2013

  7h30   Breakfast
  8h30 L. Diosi Gravity-related spontaneous disentanglement: cause of Newton force? (video)
9h30 R. Penrose Why Gravitize Quantum Mechanics? The Galilean Unruh effect. (video)
10h30             BREAK
11h00 P. Stamp Gravitational Decoherence vs Environmental Decoherence (video)
12h00             DISCUSSION SESSION (video)
12h30             LUNCH
14h00 D. Bouwmeester Quantum decoherence in optomechanical systems. (video)
15h00 M. Aspelmeyer Quantum experiments with massive mechanical resonators: status, challenges and perspectives (video)
16h00             BREAK
16h30 T. Oosterkamp From nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging to a proposed experiment to measure gravity's role in breaking the unitarity of quantum dynamics. (video)
17h30            DISCUSSION SESSION (video)
19h00            DINNER

Friday, 24 May, 2013

  7h30   Breakfast
  8h30 A. Kent Beable Guided Quantum Theories and other Generalisations of Quantum Theory (video)
9h30 N. Sangouard Displacing entanglement back and forth between the micro- and macro- domains. (video)
10h30             BREAK
11h00 A. Zeilinger Photonic Entanglement in Large Spaces (real and Hilbert) (video)
12h00             DISCUSSION SESSION (video)
12h30             LUNCH
14h00 J. Pullin Loss of coherence due to the use of real clocks and rods to measure. (video)
15h00 C. Gooding Would Schrodinger's cat have collapsed its own wavefunction? A Search for Gravitational Decoherence (video)
16h00             BREAK
16h30 B-L. Hu Foundational Issues in Gravitational Decoherence (video)
17h30             DISCUSSION SESSION (video)
19h00             DINNER - WORKSHOP BANQUET

Saturday, 25 May, 2013

  7h30   Breakfast
  8h30 Y-Z. Ma Puzzles in Modern Cosmology (video)
9h30 M. Visser Low-energy oddities at the interface between quantum physics and gravity. (video)
10h30              BREAK
11h00             FINAL DISCUSSION SESSION (video)
12h30             LUNCH
19h00             DINNER