The Origins of Life

Seven Pines Symposium XV

May 18-22, 2011
The Outing Lodge, Stillwater, Minnesota

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For email addresses, see the pdf version of the program under Talks & Materials.


  • Mark Borrello (History of Biology, Minnesota)
  • James R. Griesemer (Philosophy, UC Davis)
  • Alan Love (Philosophy of Biology, Minnesota)
  • Vincent Noireaux (Physics, Minnesota)
  • Will Ratcliff (EEB, Minnesota)
  • Jos Uffink (Foundations of Physics, Utrecht)
  • C. Kenneth Waters (Philosophy of Biology, Minnesota)

Board members

  • Lee Gohlike (Outing Lodge)
  • Geoffrey Hellman (Minnesota)
  • Don Howard (Notre Dame)
  • Michel Janssen (Minnesota)
  • John D. Norton (Pittsburgh)
  • Serge Rudaz (Minnesota)
  • Philip C. E. Stamp (Vancouver)
  • Robert M. Wald (Chicago)


  • J McClelland
  • Patrick McLain
  • Charles Midwinter
  • Cat Saint Croix
  • Jonathan Stiegler