The proceedings of Theory CANADA 1 will be published in a special edition of the Canadian Journal of Physics. This is a great opportunity for the theoretical physics community to show its support for and to celebrate the CJP especially in this World Year of Physics.

Please send your contribution via e-mail to Tom Osborn, University of Manitoba, associate editor for mathematical and quantum physics, at the following address:

  1. Each 20 min talk is alloted a 6 (latex output) page article while each 30 min talk is alloted a 9 (latex output) page article.
  2. The standard Canadian Journal of Physics publication rules apply: each article will require 2 referees (which the editor will find). (NB: The content need not be totally original. It is possible for the articles to summarize prior published results.)
  3. The preferred format for submission is a latex file. If you must, a Word document or other equivalent is of course accepted.
  4. The deadline for the submission of the paper is set for July 31st, 2005. That being in the middle of the summer, please finish your contribution before the summer vacations begin. Please use the latex class file nrc1.cls and the article template file CJPSAMP.TEX as a model.

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