Space-time curvature

Archived Seminars:

Seminar Date Resources
Renata Kallosh (Stanford) - Quantization of Gravity in the Black Hole Background July 7, 2021 Video
Brittany Kamai (Caltech and UC Santa Cruz) - How do we design the future of gravitational wave astrophysics? June 30, 2021 Video
David Morrissey (TRIUMF) - Looking Back in Time with Gravitational Waves from Cosmic Strings May 19, 2021 Video
Jocelyn Read (California State University (Fullerton)) - Neutron stars as gravitational-wave sources: dense matter and stellar mass May 5, 2021 Video
David Wakeham (UBC) - Apocalyptic quantum gravity Apr. 28, 2021 Video
Colby DeLisle (UBC) - Sub-leading Soft Photons and Gravitons Mar. 31, 2021 Video
Deborah Good (UBC) - Pulsar Timing Arrays CHIME in on Gravitational Waves Mar. 17, 2021 Video
Markus Aspelmeyer (University of Vienna) - Gravitational coupling of microscopic source masses: challenges for future quantum Cavendish experiments Mar. 10, 2021 Video
Steve Carlip (UC Davis) - Minisuperspacetime Foam Mar. 3, 2021 Video
Luis Lehner (Perimeter Institute) - Multimessenger signals from BHNS systems with 'realistic' mass ratios Feb. 24, 2021 Video
Richard Shaw (UBC) - Probing Dark Energy with CHIME Feb. 17, 2021 Video
Djuna Croon (TRIUMF) - New physics and the black hole mass gap Feb. 10, 2021 Video
Maximiliano Isi (MIT) - Testing General Relativity with the Second LIGO-Virgo Catalog Feb. 3, 2021 Video
Carl Rodriguez (Carnegie Mellon University) - How do you make a binary black hole? Jan. 27, 2021 Video
Saul Teukolsky (Cornell) - Testing the No-Hair Theorem and the Area Theorem with LIGO Jan. 20, 2021 Video
Lionel London (MIT) - A Spheroidal Harmonic Picture for GWs from Binary Black Holes Jan. 13, 2021 Video
Vlatko Vedral (Oxford) - Are there any fundamental problems with quantum gravity? Dec. 9, 2020 Video
Magdalena Zych (Brisbane) - Quantum interference of "clocks" and Unruh-deWitt detectors Dec. 2, 2020 Video
John Donoghue (UMass Amherst) - Renormalizable QFT for gravity Nov. 25, 2020 Video