Les Houches Summer School Questionnaire

This PITP/Les Houches summer school was an experiment in several ways, and it would be very useful to us at PITP if you could answer the following questions. Please note that anonymity will be preserved, ie., even if we do use your remarks or pass some of them on, all reference to the person writing them will be eliminated. The questionnaire can be filled out by anyone who attended the school - this includes students, lecturers, and invited guests/companions. We hope that your results will be helpful to PITP in the planning of future summer schools, and other meetings like conferences and workshops, in condensed matter physics and other areas. We hope that you may in the future be able to attend some of these meetings.

Attended the summer school as a: Student; Lecturer; Companion


Comments on the quality of the courses:

Suggestions for improving the courses:

Comments on the quality of the course webpage presentation:

Comments on the organisation of the courses:

Any other suggestions for the courses:


Comments on the quality of the seminars:

Suggestions for seminars in future schools or workshops:

Les Houches Facilities

Comments on the school facilities (computer, internet, library, etc):

Comments on the secretariat and local organisation:

Comments on the accommodation:

Comments on the restaurant and food:

General Remarks

What do you think were the good features of the school?

What could be improved?

In another school like this, which topic would you prefer?

Any other suggestions or remarks: