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7:30 pm, Wednesday, October 16th, 2019
Buchanan A201
1866 Main Mall Block A, UBC campus


Carbon Capture From the Atmosphere: A Solution to Global Warming?

Dan Friedmann

Chair, Carbon Engineering

To stem the rise of global temperatures we must reduce CO2 emissions. Recently, a Canadian clean energy company, Carbon Engineering Ltd. has developed an industrially-scalable “Direct Air Capture” technology to address this global problem. This technology removes CO2 directly from the atmosphere and can permanently store it underground. In addition, it can be used to reduce emissions by producing ultra-low carbon synthetic fuels, which can power existing cars, trucks and airplanes without any modifications. This talk will explain basic facts about global warming, the challenges involved in stopping it, the direct air capture process now being developed for this purpose, and how it may be scaled up to deal with global needs.

Additional resources for this talk: Slides (.pptx), Video (.mp4).

The Globe and Mail video referenced during the talk can be found here (YouTube link)