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  7:30 pm, Monday, February 27
Asian Centre Auditorium

Why Aren’t the Courts More Science-Friendly?

The Honourable Justice Ian Binnie

Canada Supreme Court

As the courts grapple with difficult scientific issues in the context of everything from patents to invasion of genetic privacy to techniques of criminal identification, some critics question whether the way the courts do their work really gets to the bottom of the contentious aspects of the science – particularly novel science. It seems there is not only a difference of professional approach between judges and scientists but a cultural gap. Bridging the gap and raising the level of scientific sophistication in the courts may require changes in court procedure, and some modifications of the adversarial system, but it may also demand more courtroom savvy on the part of scientific witnesses. Accordingly, the talk will focus on how the courts presently work, what problems are experienced in scientific cases, and what can be done about it.

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Additional resources for this talk: video, slides.