The University of British Columbia  

UBC-Tokyo Conference on Novel Quantum Matter

PITP/AMPEL/University of Tokyo conference
UBC, January 28-31, 2007

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Following up on the joint meeting held in April last year in Tokyo, involving researchers from the University of Tokyo as well as George Sawatzky and Philip Stamp from UBC, a 2-day meeting will be held at UBC involving theorists and experimentalists from both UBC and the University of Tokyo. This meeting is organised by PITP and AMPEL. The theme deals wth novel kinds of matter, involving both condensed matter systems with new quantum states, and deliberately designed systems which exploit quantum mechanics to do new things. The topics explored involve a combination of condensed matter experiment at low temperatures and quantum optics, as well as novel theoretical approaches.

Organising committee: IK Affleck, M Berciu, A Damascelli, J Folk, G Sawatzky and P Stamp.