Summer School on Particle Physics, Cosmology and Strings

August 6 - 18, 2007
Perimeter Institute

The Summer School on Particle Physics, Cosmology and Strings is the 5th in an ongoing series offered by Perimeter Institute and PIMS. The summer school is targeted at 40 advanced graduate students in high energy physics with interests in at least one of the research areas of particle physics, cosmology and/or string theory.

The 1st, 2nd and 4th editions of this summer school were held at the University of British Columbia. The 3rd edition was held at Perimeter Institute.

Broadly, the lecture courses at the school will revolve around the following themes: In particle physics, the content is aimed at helping students gain the basic tools to journey through the LHC era; in cosmology, the content is aimed at giving students the necessary background to follow the developments coming from WMAP; in string theory, the content is aimed at the developments directly connected to particle physics and cosmology.

Partial List of Lecturers

Particle Physics

  • Nima Arkani-Hamed
    Harvard University
  • Tao Han
    University of Wisconsin
  • Graham Kribs
    University of Oregon
  • Maxim Perelstein
    Cornell University
  • Maria Spiropulu
  • Lian-Tao Wang
    Princeton University
  • James Wells
    MCTP, University of Michigan


  • William Kinney
    University at Buffalo, the State University of New York
  • Joao Magueijo
    Perimeter Institute, CITA, Imperial College 
  • Patrick McDonald
    CITA, University of Toronto 
  • Ue-Li Pen
    CITA, University of Toronto
  • Mark Wyman
    Perimeter Institute

String Theory

  • Frederik Denef
    University of Leuven
  • Liam McAllister
    Princeton University
  • Gary Shiu
    University of Wisconsin


The application deadline has now past.  All those who applied will be notified by Mid May regarding the status of their application.



Successful applications will receive a scholarship that covers all meals and accommodations for the duration of the summer school. Students are expected to cover their travel expenses with resources from their home institution. 


Freddy Cachazo, Perimeter Institute
Jaume Gomis, Perimeter Institute
Taejin Lee, Kangwon National University & APCTP
Robert Myers, Perimeter Institute
Gordon Semenoff, University of British Columbia


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 Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics
 Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences