Quantum Coherent Properties of Spins III

University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida
December 20-22, 2010

UCF Department of Physics
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Schematic of a light-harvesting molecule.
An artist's view of decoherence in a quantum computer.

This workshop focusses on interesting current problems associated with the collective quantum properties of assemblies of spins. Some of these include

(i) Decoherence, and related theoretical problems on the dynamics of interacting spin systems. These systems include interacting dipolar 'spin nets' (and the related topic of 'quantum spin glasses'), arrays of magnetic molecules, quantum dots, and spins on surfaces; plus NV-centres and biomolecules exhibiting quantum spin coherence.

(ii) Experiments on relevant systems, notably on magnetic molecule arrays, on spins and spin arrays on surfaces, on quantum spin glasses, on quantum dots, and on light-harvesting and chemical compass molecules.

(iv) Numerical work on aspects of this physics, notably on quantum computation, and on lattice dipoles, in various dimensions.

(v) Review of some of the interesting chemistry of these systems, particularly magnetic molecules, some of the newer transition metal compounds, and biological molecules.


Excitation transfer in the bacterial photosynthetic unit.