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This workshop brings together experimentalists, theorists and computational scientists from academia and industry. Magnetism at surfaces and interfaces is of continually increasing importance as size scale of structures of greatest interest continues to decrease, and in many cases dominates the magnetic properties. Interfaces are wholly responsible for novel two-dimensional magnetism in complex oxides, and surfaces and interfaces have bearing on the materials properties of new magnetic systems such as multiferroics (materials hosting both a permanent magnetism and one or more other types of spontaneous ordering such as a permanent electric polarization); on aspects of the classical physics materials relevant to current applications (especially thin magnetic films, spin dynamics, and nanomagnetic systems); and on problems in quantum magnetism such as quantum-fluctuation induced spin order and quantum tunneling of magnetization.

The Magnetic North III workshop considers the spectrum of experimental, theoretical and numerical simulation approaches to the understanding of these phenomena. How they are linked to the resulting magnetic characteristics is a challenging goal of much of the current research in magnetism. These efforts can reveal both potential new technological applications and new physics.