What is quantum non-locality?
Green College Coach House - November 13, 2002

Sandu Popescu

Bristol University & University of California at Berkeley

One of the most exotic aspects pf the behaviour of microscopic particles, such as electrons, atoms, photons, etc., is the so-called quantum non-locality. Microscopic particles which have interacted in the past and then moved far from each other, remain, in a certain sense, still connected, and can instantaneously "communicate" with each other (in apparent but not real contradiction with Einstein's relativity). In this talk Prof. Popescu will explain this quantum non-locality at a very popular level (with NO mathematics). He will then present some of the uses of non-locality for quantum information and communication - strange effects such as teleportation, etc. Finally he will discuss the implications of non- locality for understanding the very foundations of quantum mechanics.

Prof S. Popescu is the Hewlett-Packard Professor of Theoretical Physics in the University of Bristol (UK), and also a visiting Professor in the Mathematics Institute at Berkeley. He is one of the world's foremost experts in the field of Quantum Information theory, and also in the foundations of quantum mechanics.

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