Quantum Technology 2004
Frontiers and perspectives of solid state quantum computing and quantum devices
Tuesday, March 30 | Wednesday, March 31

Tuesday, March 30

Zagoskin, Introduction (slides, movie)
Pashkin, Technological issues of charge qubits (slides, movie)
Takayanagi, Superconducting Flux Qubit as a Macroscopic Artificial Atom (slides, movie)
Milburn, Three paths to quantum computing (movie)
Manoharan, Manipulating Spins and Wavefunctions at the Spatial Limit (movie)
Il’ichev, Application of the impedance measurement technique for demonstration of an adiabatic quantum algorithm (slides, movie)
Shnirman, Spin Dynamics in Josephson Junctions (slides, movie), and Dephasing of solid-state qubits at optimal points (slides)
Amin, Josephson Flux Qubits in Charge-Phase Regime (slides, movie)
Averin, Decoherence properties of the adiabatic ground-state quantum computing (movie)
Feldman, title to come (movie)
Blais, Cavity QED with superconducting circuits (movie)

Wednesday, March 31

Stamp, title to come (movie)
Barbara, Nanomagnetism: from atomic clusters to molecules and ions (slides, movie)
Maassen van den Brink, Continuous Monitoring of Rabi Oscillations in a Josephson Flux Qubit (slides, movie)
Young, Quantum Information Related Optics Research @ UBC (slides, movie)
Han, Energy relaxation time of rf SQUID flux qubits (movie)
Sawatzky, title to come (movie)
Milburn, Sawatzky, Stamp, Unruh, Zagoskin, Barbara, and Spivak, Round Table Discussion (movie)
Stamp and Zagoskin, Conclusions (movie)