Kingston Theoretical Astrophysics 2003 Meeting

Friday, November 14 | Saturday, November 15 | Sunday, November 16
Pictures from this conference can be viewed in the photos archive.

Friday, November 14

09:00 Coffee Zero  
09:15 Ned Wright, UCLA "First Year Results from WMAP"
10:00 Mark Halpern, UBC "More from WMAP"
10:20 Guillaume Patanchon, UBC "Archeops: power spectrum from l=30 to l=300 and multi-component analysis"
10:45 Coffee One  
11:15 TBD  
11:30 Martin White, Berkeley "Bandpowers and Boltzmann codes + Lensing of the CMB"
12:05 Mustapha Ishak, Princeton "Weak Lensing and CMB: Parameter forecasts including a running spectral index"
12:30 Lunch 1  
14:00 Al Kogut, GSFC "Polarization with WMAP"
14:50 Carlo Contaldi, CITA "CMB polarization with CBI and BOOMERANG"
15:15 Coffee Two  
15:45 Graca Rocha, Cambridge "Beyond the Concordance Model"
16:10 John Dubinski, Toronto "Yet another look at dark halos"  (mpg movie)
16:35 Subha Majumdar, CITA "Upcoming SZ surveys: Probing both cosmology and cluster physics"
19:00 Dinner  

Saturday, November 15

10:00 Coffee Three  
10:05 Peter Martin, CITA "Studies of intermediate to high latitude cirrus"
10:50 Marc-Antoine Miville-Deschenes, CITA "Galactic dust FIR-submm emission"
11:15 Russ Taylor, Calgary "Planck mission and Galactic Radio Surveys"
11:40 Colin Borys, Caltech "Sub-mm overview"
12:05 Gaelen Marsden, UBC "A BLAST update"
12:30 Lunch 2  
14:00 Elena Pierpaoli, Princeton "Reionization"
14:25 Ariel Zhitnitsky, UBC "Dark matter, baryogenesis and QCD"
14:50 Rouzbeh Allahverdi, TRIUMF "Modulated perturbations"
15:15 Coffee Four  
15:45 Dmitri Pogosyan, Alberta "Constraining the Topology of the Universe from CMB data"
16:10 Craig Hogan, Washington "The holographic principle implies a discrete spectrum of inflationary perturbations"
17:30 Dick Bond, CITA "Cosmology for String Theorists"
18:15 Samit Kachru "String Theory for Cosmologists"

Sunday 16th November
09:00 Coffee Five  
09:05 SCUBA-2 In Hennings 201
12:00 Lunch 3  
13:30 Scott Dodelson, Chicago "SDSS and the CMB"
14:15 Henk Hoekstra, CITA "Weak lensing as a tool of precision cosmology"
14:40 Ilian Iliev, CITA "Reionization: constraints from the CMB and 21-cm observations"
15:15 Coffee Six  
15:45 Marcin Sawicki, HIA "Evolution of the galaxy population at high-z"
16:10 Harvey Richer, UBC "The age of the Universe"