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Upcoming and Archived: Conferences | Lectures on Quantum Phenomena

Content suitable for a general audience is assembled here.

The PITP archives includes:

Conferences, Workshops and Summer Schools: attendees, presentation materials, videos and photos
PITP Lectures on Quantum Phenomena: video and presentation material
PHAS seminars: abstracts of upcoming and past talks of various seminar series

Special Seminars

Apr 14, 2011, Klaus Schulten (Urbana): A quantum biological device - The light harvesting apparatus of purple photosynthetic bacteria

Mar 18, 2011, Jean-Sebastien Bernier (Ecole Polytechnique): Slow quench dynamics of a trapped one-dimensional Bose gas confined to an optical lattice

Jan 24, 2007, Barry Sanders (Calgary): Efficient quantum algorithm for simulating Hamiltonian evolution

Oct 19, 2004, Dr. Guifré Vidal (Caltech): Quantum information science in quantum many-body systems


March 19, 26, 28, & April 2, 4, 9, 2008
Burin Lectures: Physics of Disordered Systems

Oct 6, 11, 13, 2006
Kitaev Lectures: Topological Phases, Anyons, and Quantum Computation

The lecture notes of an introductory course on the History and Philosophy of Physics as given by Philip Stamp are stored here.

Read also about the life of Maurice Pryce.


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